Our Journey

Our story begins in 1968, on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. It was here that Jerald E. "Jerry" Jacobs, founder of Asset Management Consultants, began his decades-long career in the construction industry.

Jacobs gained initial industry experience working for large contracting firms developing the sprawling areas around the nation's capital at the time.

Having earned his own Class A license in 1984, Jacobs left the large developer he was working, eventually founding his own construction company, J.E. Jacobs and Sons. The firm grew rapidly during the mid-1980s, crafting large custom homes and developing new modern subdivisions throughout the Northern Virginia region.

A pivotal moment in our origin story at Asset Management Consultants occurred sometime around 1988. After exiting one of his own projects, Jacobs realized he had left a performance bond sitting with a local municipality. This oversight set the course for a new venture and a new purpose.

For the last 30 years, Asset Management Consultants has worked tirelessly to assist builders, developers and other businesses across the U.S. who find themselves in a similar situation.

Today, Asset Management Consultants is owned and operated by a 2nd generation of the Jacobs family. However, our Mission remains the same:

We navigate the complex landscape of asset recovery, drawing strength from our foundation as builders and developers. We blend decades of industry insight with unwavering commitment. We ensure our clients are fully equipped to optimize on assets that are rightfully theirs. 

A view of houses with autumn trees in the background.